Thursday, March 26, 2009

How to wear a t-shirt: bridesmaid edition

I know that I mentioned Saturday's Bridemaid Luncheon/Bootcamp, but I haven't had the strength to craft a narrative of the event. I lost 6 hours of my life to it and I don't intend on losing any more, thankyouverymuch.

The highlight of the Bridesmaid Luncheon/Bootcamp was getting my very own bridesmaid t-shirt. OMG. Have always wanted one. So my life is complete.

But. I was very unsure of how and where to wear it. Lucky for me, the amazing goddess who is the bride emailed me instructions.


Hello Again,

Thanks again for coming out to lunch and for all your help on Saturday. We got lots done!! I've gotten sleep this week, almost caught up with thank you notes and able to focus on other pressing matters.

I forgot to let you know that the shirts I gave you on Saturday are handmade by myself and a friend at work who had access to a screen printing press so please be gentle with them (ie no washer machine).

I've washed them twice and ironed them (around the printed & stoned area) so no more need to be done.

I glued the stones on with E6000 so the stones probably won't fall off but if one does, please let me know so I can put the stones back on (I have extras).

May I recommend not storing the shirts in the gift bags as can get very wrinkled!

The pink color was a special mix ink and it was all used up the day we printed the shirts so please be careful & gentle with the extras.

Please wear your t-shirt to the Rehearsal Ceremony and dinner on June 5 at 4pm at the church. More details to come as I get them.

Please wear the t-shirts with jeans and the silver bridesmaids shoes (that way you can break them in too) on Rehearsal Day. If the date gets closer and there will be a heatwave we'll look at other options in lieu of jeans. The church as A/C and the restaurant the groom's parents pick should have A/C too.

If you would like to wear your t-shirt to Brunch the next morning in the hotel please do.

Take Care,

p.s. Today is the first day I could get a call saying the invites are in and ready to be assembled. Will keep you in the loop.


Anonymous said...


I feel bad you have to deal with this brideszilla but um...I must say it's fun to read the emails!

my life is brilliant said...

Oh, how exciting! I bet you're waiting on the edge of your seat to find out about the invitations.

I'd be ready to tell the bride where she could stuff 'em!

Is this bridezilla the girl you really weren't good friends with anyway? If that's the case, I could see how she didn't have any truly still-close friends to ask!

Anonymous said...

I think you should write a screenplay on your experiences with bridezilla. I can't wait to hear about the instructions you will be given for assembling the invites!
Maybe you could get some black light paint and paint sassy comments on your bridesmaid tshirt....


A said...

Yep, this is the bride who I don't really know.

This is what I get for offering to be in her wedding!

I'm just trying to keep under her radar. And take good notes. Because this would make a fun movie.

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