Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Go to hell, Wednesday

Today wasn't the day that I'd planned.

I didn't wake to my alarm clock - it'd left my phone on vibrate.

My boss strong-armed me into finishing work that could've waited until tomorrow. As a result, I didn't leave until 6:30.

I forgot to pick up the copies of my résumé I had printed. Turned around to go back to Kinko's. Wasted approximately 45 minutes of my life.

And then the toilet overflowed.

That has now happened twice since we first moved into this house. The first week. And, now, the last week.

Tomorrow will be better. Mostly because I'm calling in and going to my program's job fair. (But will end up at work eventually.)

And also because Grey's Anatomy is on. And I mostly live for that.


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