Friday, March 20, 2009


I recently realized that I am graduating in 6 weeks.

While it was on my radar as I finished undergrad, this paralyzing fear of the job search was not present. I blame it a little on the economy, a lot on remembering what it felt like last time around.

I'm terrified. That I'll graduate. Blink. And it will be six months, a year, and I won't have been hired somewhere. That I'll stay at the same job - the job that I could've done straight out of high school - and waste away my master's degree and all of the time and the effort and money that it was born from.

Oh, I hope I'm wrong. I know that I worry too much -- but I want nothing more than to worry for no reason.


Stace said...

That's gotta be a frustrating thought but I think you'll be fine. Have you started looking for anything yet?

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