Friday, March 13, 2009

Can't keep me down

I'm sick as hell. (Can you catch illness via internet? If so, GFF might have sent something funky my way. Not her fault. Blame it on an unfortunate BBQ.)

Wherever I caught this thing, its a doozy. When I lose my appetite? That's when you know its bad. And I'm not eating much of anything. What I do eat I can't even taste, anyway, so it seems pointless.

What I wanted to do was go to Mom and Dad's house and let them fawn over me for at least an hour. And then fall asleep.

But in the interest of my move, I sucked it up and came home. I half expected to fawn over myself for an hour. And then fall asleep.

Instead I spoke with my landlord. Who told me that his wife had been over showing potential tenants the house today. Excuse me? I thought that was something you gave notice of. Or at least left a note.

I ate a bit of dinner. Spicy Indian food that I barely tasted. Mmmmmm.

And I've slogged away with the mess of moving. Found some of Anna's belongings and threw them into her room (must admit, it is sort of pleasing doing so). Packed up a few things to bring home. Mopped the kitchen floor. Dug through my junk in the basement. Organized all of the plastics in the kitchen (honestly - what happens to all of the matching sets?) and did a bit of vacuuming.

I would've gotten more done if not for this nasty virus. And for Facebook. And E! And my work ethic.


Anonymous said...

OH NO!!! Sick AND moving is the worst combination EVER! (trust me I know too well) Sorry my internet viral germs cyber-infected you :( xoxo, GFF

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