Saturday, March 21, 2009

Awesome day

Got up. Had a headache.
Ate cereal with my mom. Had a headache.
Filled out a job application. Had a headache.
Talked with my mom about my headache. Had a headache.
Showered. Dressed. Prettified. Had a headache.
Went to Bridesmaid Luncheon. Had a headache.
Listened to the bride complain ad nauseum about her mother-in-law. Had a headache.
Went to the bride's house for Bridal Bootcamp. Tied pink bows on anything that wasn't moving. Had a headache.
Bowed out of Bridal Bootcamp early to go to Meg's hockey game. Had a headache
Talked Lucy into meeting me at Meg's hockey game, since the rink is only a few miles from her house. Had a headache.
Marveled at the number of lesbians at Meg's hockey game, both on the ice and in the stands. Had a headache.
Went for coffee with Lucy. Had a headache.
Went home to Mom and Dad's because I knew they would feel bad for me. Had a headache.
Am currently watching UM hockey blow their lead in their league tournament. Have a headache.
So annoyed.
So over this headache.


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