Monday, February 16, 2009

Return of Reality

My weekend was so. much. fun.

I needed a weekend like that. Where I didn't quite give a shit about my homework. Where I wasn't cleaning the house like a madwoman before having people over so that we could go to the bar, stay up too late and I could clean up after everyone the next morning. Where I just had fun. Simple fun. Go to bed early fun.

I needed that hockey tournament.

Even if we tragically lost in the finals. In overtime.

(I'm the goalie. It hurt.)

I needed the weekend to get through this week. It's started off a doozy. My nemesis coworker all up in my shit. Scrambling. Customers calling and calling and calling. (Nobody too unpleasant, shockingly enough). My boss very understanding of my predicament but not shy to bother me about doing this. And that. And that and that and that. Which he thinks is okay as long as he precedes his requests with "I know you're very busy."

A crazy weekend.
A crazy week.

I don't know why I'm surprised.


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