Sunday, February 15, 2009

How I Spent My Valentine's Day

My hockey team is playing in a tournament in Canada this weekend.

Our first game was on Friday night. I went straight from work, played in the game, and drove back home. I got home and collapsed.

Our game on Saturday morning was at 9:15. Which meant a 6 am wake up call, a stop for gas, a stop for cash, a drive over the bridge and a 2-1 victory.

After the game? Back to the states. I had a lesson scheduled with my skating coach that I reallyreally didn't want to cancel. I skated for an hour (and skated well, thankfully) and then I jumped back in the car. Drove back to the bridge. Headed back to the arena. And played in another game.

My sister's team is playing in the same tournament (in a different, much higher division) so I had dinner with her before driving back home for the night.

We made the finals.

I'm driving back today for a game at 1:15.

Oh, and we have a league game at 8:00 tonight. This shit is ridiculous. I am insane.


Lauren said... much gas did you use? THat's a LOT of driving!

A said...

Maybe a little more than a tank? I don't live far from the border - less than 30 minutes to the bridge. It's the whole customs song and dance that makes it time consuming. More about that later!

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