Sunday, February 01, 2009

Being the hostess is exhausting

It was my work BFF Ashley's birthday this week. I had to pester her a little bit - but she okayed going out to celebrate last night.

I spent my afternoon in party-mode. Grocery shopping. Cleaning. Baking cupcakes. You know the drill.

None of her non-work friends showed up. Us work friends had a lovely time, yes, but I hate that none of her other friends came. I know how that feels.

We had fun. It was a bar that we don't normally frequent - a chill, hipster crowd and an atmosphere that matched.

Back at the house, I was inflating the air mattress and finding pillows and blankets for the couch and begging everyone to drink a bottle of water before bed.

It was fun. I don't mind the busy. It is what I'll miss most about living here. Not the inflated rent. Not the squirrels in the attic. Not the jackasses who live under us or the half-hour drive to work. But the constant excuse to have people over? To be a hostess? I'll definitely miss that.


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