Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Always the (sucker) bridesmaid

Snippets from the rapid-fire emails from The Bride Who I'm Not Really Friends With:

"Bridesmaids hair will be worn in Updos. Nails are to be french manicures or clear polish only please."

I'm wearing black polish. Chipped.

"I need to know if you want your hair, make-up or manicure done at the Salon. If you do not plan on attending the Salon please let me know your intentions and how you will plan to take care of your hair, manicures and make-up. Bridesmaid Basics $79 includes: Updo, Manicure or Make-up"

As far as I'm concerned? Ponytails are updos and also FREE!

"Also, I'll need help putting favors in boxes, tying ribbons and tags on shower favors, stuffing hotel guest bags etc. I thought it would be nice to have our bridesmaids luncheon then head over to my fiancé's condo (he's cool with vacating for the weekend) to watch wedding themed movies, enjoy each others company while we put together favors."

Enjoy? Good God.

"I called the botique that the dresses were ordered from) to give them the 2 shoes I've picked for you. This shoe is very nice, has a little rhinestone detail on the front and comes in 2 heel heights. It is made by Dyeables. We are ordering the shoe in Silver. If you could please call them with your shoe size that would be appreciated. The shoes will take several months to come in. The shoe is $66.78 with tax."


"Could you please give me your height in feet? I'm looking at bridesmaids shoes that have 2 options for heel height. Also, we are seeing who to pair up with who in the bridal party."

Blah, blah, blah.

This is what I get for agreeing to being in a wedding for a girl who I don't even know.


Sherin said...

oh my good god, if emailed any of the people in my bridal party that, i would be shot and left outside to rot. not even kidding, i'd write back, um thanks, but no thanks. i think that's totally appropriate.

sorry none of this probably made you feel better, haha.

A said...


Because I feel like I'm being an unreasonable bitch.

Maybe it really is her!

Anonymous said...

I just died a little inside. This sounds miserable.

Anonymous said...

I would totally email her back with some sassy comments...it would be fun...might even get you out of having to suffer through this!!

I think you should put some rhinestones on your black nail polish...maybe you can do a demo and send her pics (possibly send the pics about 2 days before the lock in at her fiance's condo)
Would a Mohawk be considered an updo?? Or puffy bangs...after all she is going back to 1980 with the dyeable shoes (hence why they will take so many months to arrive as the store has to make a time machine and go back in time to find them).
How long does she think the favours etc will take to do...it sounds like she will be locking you in the condo for the weekend until it is done...
As for your height...I would tell her it you are waiting to hear if the h**ker boots (lace up of course) with the 5 inch heel can be ordered in dyeable...if they can't you will either wear the 3 inch ones (wrapped in tin foil after all that's silver too) or flip flops...

Hope she gets better or medicated soon....


Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

Love this post. Sounds like you may have a Bridezilla on your hands. Thanks for the comment! I definitely need to find a sports med doc.

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