Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Blowin’ up

Oh, dysfunctional family of mine.

Uncle Alan – estranged Uncle Alan – got married again! Mom, Grandma and Aunt Marie found out via a wedding announcement from him and his new bride.

And Uncle Alan – estranged Uncle Alan, who is apparently a great fan of the U.S. Postal Service – followed up his wedding announcement with a letter to my grandma about how she, my grandpa, my mom and Aunt Marie ruined his life.

Uncle Alan – estranged and insane Uncle Alan – is going to my grandma’s house at 4:30 this afternoon to discuss his accusations.

Aunt Marie’s husband said yesterday that he wanted to kill himself. Anna, panicked, called my mom.

He also kicked ever-volatile Emma out of the house.

(I think she’s going to live with my parents for a bit. Again.)

It is a wonder that I consider myself to have such a great family.

Stockholm Syndrome?


Anonymous said...

Your family may want to consider not speaking to Uncle Alan anymore... I'm just sayin'...

A said...

WORD. Totally agree. I want nothing to do with him. (Especially after hearing that my grandma was crying on the phone to my mom.) But my mother won't totally give up hope. "He's my brother and I love him," she'll say.

Translation: he'll get invited to my wedding and I'll have no say in it.

my life is brilliant said...

Geez ... Uncle Alan has definitely got balls.

No tact or brains, though. Geez!

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