Friday, January 30, 2009

Could be much, much worse

I saw my my not-quite grandpa (he was my grandma's live-in boyfriend for 30+ years) for the first time in months.

The first thing he says to me?

"I saw Mamma Mia. I had to watch it twice because you look so much like that girl."

I don't see it.

But it is much preferred to being told that I look like Chelsea Clinton.

(Which has happened.)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just under deadline

So. I think it went well.

I interviewed with four women. Four. Oh, how life in the library is going to be different from life in athletics.

They seemed like a nice group. The position seems like something that I can handle.

Will I get it? I don't know. I guess that it is somewhat unlikely - I think that I come across as very young. And it takes a certain person/organization to be willing to take a risk on someone who looks like she's 19.

The schedule would complicate my life. They think that they would want me 8 am-12 pm or 8 am-1 pm three days a week. I don't have any idea of how that would work.

They received 30 applications. They chose just 7 to interview. I'll take that as a compliment.

These things are exciting

1. Interview today at 2:00 pm. Update by 5:00 pm!
2. Anna is off of work today. Maybe not so exciting, but has the potential to be interesting. I have calmed down, significantly, so there will be no fight. But maybe I will tell her that she has been a complete douchebag about this whole situation? Oh, who am I kidding? Not going to happen. I’ll just smile and nod and run off to my room to go to sleep.
3. One of my cousin Danielle’s very good friends made it to the Hollywood round on American Idol! So, though I’ve never watched the show, I’ll definitely be tuning in this season. I saw him perform when I was in Los Angeles last spring – the kid can really sing – and he’s a sweet/thoughtful/funny guy, too.
4. The Athlete is coming back this summer. Confirmed via my boss. OMG.
5. A coworker brought me a cupcake from the cute new cupcake bakery. Love her.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It is time to break the streak

My shoulder really hurts this morning.

I’m sure it has nothing to do with the really big chip on it.


For the time being, I’ve decided to get over Anna’s move. I have bigger things to be worked up about. I have an interview on Thursday.

When I said it was messy, I really meant it. I met the call with equal parts of excitement in dread. If I happen to land this job, my life will likely get wicked complicated.

Point of Stress and Confusion #1: It is a part-time position
So obviously I cannot just have this job.
I can’t imagine that they won’t ask me about that dynamic in the interview.
I don’t really know what I’m going to say.
I mean, ideally, I would be able to keep my full-time job and squeeze in the part-time job around it if they’re receptive to that. (Is at a library – so they’re open nights/weekends.)
But I could also ask to reduce my hours at my current job.
I think that they’d let me go down to, like, 34 hours a week. But that isn’t a sure thing.
And I really don’t want to do it. I don’t want to lose my insurance.
(My mom says that I can’t life my life for insurance.)

Point of Stress and Confusion #2: My internship
Here’s the thing about me working this job around my current job:
I have class on Mondays and my internship on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
So, really, I’d only be available on Thursday nights, Saturdays and Sundays until mid-April. How upfront am I supposed to be about that?
Do I wait until I’m offered the job to tell them how screwed my schedule is through the end of my semester? Am I vague – just telling them that I’d do whatever I have to do to make it work and hoping that is a good enough answer?

Maybe I would just tell them that this job would be my priority? Because it should be. It is my future – the job I have now is good for now, but it isn’t what I’m going to be doing forever. It has nothing to do what I’m studying in graduate school. But it also pays the bills...something that the potential job cannot do on its own.

Point of Stress and Confusion #3: Proximity to graduation
It is a job in a library, but it isn’t a professional librarian position. It is actually very related to what I do now – grassroots marketing, communication, web-based, blah blah blah. You don’t have to have a library background to get hired for it. I just happen to have the library and the communication backgrounds. (Translation: I am obviously the best candidate for the job.)

I’m not sure if I should tell them that I am 10 weeks from graduating. I’m not sure if they’ll consider that as a plus (“hey! We’ll have another full-fledged librarian on staff!”) or a minus (“hey! She’ll be looking for a full-time job as a librarian at the blink of an eye!”).

Really – being in that position after graduation doesn’t bother me. And being in that position while also working at my current job after graduation doesn’t bother me, either. If I could make it work – I’d be all for it. I’d be all for balancing both for the next year or two. I don’t need that full-time library job right off the bat. As a matter of fact, I was never counting on snagging a full-time library job just after graduation. I’ve always assumed that I’d stay here and work a library job nights/weekends for a while, until I could get my foot in the door and prove myself full-time worthy.

And now that I’ve babbled on and on, I’m going to start getting a portfolio ready.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Unfortunately for Anna

I'm really great at holding grudges. It is one of my worst traits.

And all I can do right now is stew about my housing situation.

I'm just really fucking annoyed.

She knew when she booked her plane ticket and requested her days off of work IN DECEMBER that she was going to New York to look for a job.

In her self-absorbed tunnel did it never occur to her that I have shit - A. Lot. Of. Shit. - going on in my life? And maybe if, in December, she was planning on moving out in the new year that she could have let me know?

Because I would've moved then.

When I had a month without any school.

And vacation days to burn.

Instead, I got to be the crutch. Because if she went to New York and didn't get a job or wussed out of the move than I'd still be here and she wouldn't be worrying about where to move.

She fucking used me.

I have no idea whether I should tell her that.

She's my cousin. I don't need to ruin a relationship with her. I don't want to.

But I'd like to give her an idea of how pissed I am.

I love finding out things via email!

I hope that she wasn't surprised to get a very short reply.

Hey Alyson,

I wanted to update you on what's going on with me because I probably won't see you until later in the week, I'm not off until Thursday. While in NYC I was offered a job at (some hospital that is an hour's commute from her boyfriend's). I haven't accepted it yet, I am waiting to talk to the RN manager over the phone, but I've thought about it a lot and probably will accept the job. The start date wouldn't be until March 9th. This is kind of a weird situation with the apartment because we have no lease anymore, but I don't want to put you in a bad situation, especially since this is all happening pretty quickly. We haven't really talked at all about what your plans are, if you wanted to stay here for a while, if you were planning to move somewhere else, when this "lease" was up...I'm not sure if you'd want to stay here for a while longer and find another roommate, or if you're done with (Our Cute Litte Town). I would be willing to continue paying rent through March so that you would have time to decide what you want to do next. I hope that that seems fair to you, and that you don't feel pushed out at all. I definitely want to know your thoughts on everything, and you can call me whenever I just don't know when to call you at work.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

It gets more complicated

I forgot to mention
Well, I didn't forget
In my rage, I didn't care to mention

I have a job interview on Thursday.

Before you all go congratulating me and telling me that I'll get it ---

It is messy.

Or will be, actually, if I get the job. Messy and complicated and I have no idea how much I should/should not reveal in my interview.

We'll discuss tomorrow.

---now you can congratulate and tell me that I'll get it.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

March 9

Okay. I'm pissed.

Anna called my mom yesterday. (She still hasn't told me that she is doing anything but "thinking about finding a job in New York.") She has a job offer. The job starts on March 9.

I had a flash of anger. Just flat-out pissed, really. I'm supposed to uproot everything in the span of a month?

I'm just so tired and this seems like an exceptionally insurmountable task. I'm at my internship until 10 or 10:30 on Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm in class until 8:30 on Monday. By the time Thursday rolls around, I'm exhausted. And I've committed to playing in a hockey tournament one weekend of February and skating in a competition the next. When the fuck am I going to have time to pack and move?

Oh. And when the fuck am I going to have time to find somewhere to live?

Honestly, I could cry.

I really don't feel like I can handle this right now. And I really don't know how I'm going to be nice to her when she tells me. Because she's been quite dishonest in this whole process. She's lied by omission.

I'm trying (unsuccessfully) to not get too worked up about this. I wouldn't be shocked if Anna pulled the shoot and didn't make the move. She would be working three 12-hour midnight shifts; the hospital is an hour commute from where her boyfriend lives.

All I can do now is sit around and wait for her to show me her hand. Wait for her to make the move. Spend a lot of time on Craig's List.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Confessions from an English major

I have a confession to make. I majored in English. And somehow missed out on reading a very large bulk of the staples of the standard English-student fare.

I suspect that it had something to with the fact that, in high school, my AP English class was largely tailored to passing that darn AP exam and, in college, my professors shied away from the books that they assumed were over-used in the classroom.

Thus, my imperfect education.

I've been thinking about this all week. So I finally pulled a list of the 100 Best English-Language Novels since 1923 which I found via Time Magazine...just to see what I've been missing.

Maybe one year I'll make it a resolution - to catch up on all of those books that everyone (but me) has read.

Here's the list. I've bolded the books I have read. Feel free to be appalled.

The Adventures of Augie March, Saul Bellow

All the King's Men, Robert Penn Warren

American Pastoral, Philip Roth

An American Tragedy, Theodore Dreiser

Animal Farm, George Orwell

Appointment in Samarra, John O'Hara

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret, Judy Blume

The Assistant, Bernard Malamud

At Swim-Two-Birds, Flann O'Brien

Atonement, Ian McEwan

Beloved, Toni Morrison

The Berlin Stories, Christopher Isherwood

The Big Sleep, Raymond Chandler

The Blind Assassin, Margaret Atwood

Blood Meridian, Cormac McCarthy

Brideshead Revisited, Evelyn Waugh

The Bridge of San Luis Rey, Thornton Wilder

Call It Sleep, Henry Roth

Catch-22, Joseph Heller

The Catcher in the Rye, J.D. Salinger

A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess

The Confessions of Nat Turner, William Styron

The Corrections, Jonathan Franzen

The Crying of Lot 49, Thomas Pynchon

A Dance to the Music of Time, Anthony Powell

The Day of the Locust, Nathanael West

Death Comes for the Archbishop, Willa Cather

A Death in the Family, James Agee

The Death of the Heart, Elizabeth Bowen

Deliverance, James Dickey

Dog Soldiers, Robert Stone

Falconer, John Cheever

The French Lieutenant's Woman, John Fowles

The Golden Notebook, Doris Lessing

Go Tell it on the Mountain, James Baldwin

Gone With the Wind, Margaret Mitchell

The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck

Gravity's Rainbow, Thomas Pynchon

The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald

A Handful of Dust, Evelyn Waugh

The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter, Carson McCullers

The Heart of the Matter, Graham Greene

Herzog, Saul Bellow

Housekeeping, Marilynne Robinson

A House for Mr. Biswas, V.S. Naipaul

I, Claudius, Robert Graves

Infinite Jest, David Foster Wallace

Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison

Light in August, William Faulkner

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, C.S. Lewis

Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov

Lord of the Flies, William Golding

The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien

Loving, Henry Green

Lucky Jim, Kingsley Amis

The Man Who Loved Children, Christina Stead

Midnight's Children, Salman Rushdie

Money, Martin Amis

The Moviegoer, Walker Percy

Mrs. Dalloway, Virginia Woolf

Naked Lunch, William Burroughs

Native Son, Richard Wright

Neuromancer, William Gibson

Never Let Me Go, Kazuo Ishiguro

1984, George Orwell

On the Road, Jack Kerouac

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Ken Kesey

The Painted Bird, Jerzy Kosinski

Pale Fire, Vladimir Nabokov

A Passage to India, E.M. Forster

Play It As It Lays, Joan Didion

Portnoy's Complaint, Philip Roth

Possession, A.S. Byatt

The Power and the Glory, Graham Greene

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Muriel Spark

Rabbit, Run, John Updike

Ragtime, E.L. Doctorow

The Recognitions, William Gaddis

Red Harvest, Dashiell Hammett

Revolutionary Road, Richard Yates

The Sheltering Sky, Paul Bowles

Slaughterhouse-Five, Kurt Vonnegut

Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson

The Sot-Weed Factor, John Barth

The Sound and the Fury, William Faulkner

The Sportswriter, Richard Ford

The Spy Who Came in From the Cold, John le Carre

The Sun Also Rises, Ernest Hemingway

Their Eyes Were Watching God, Zora Neale Hurston

Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe

To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee

To the Lighthouse, Virginia Woolf

Tropic of Cancer, Henry Miller

Ubik, Philip K. Dick

Under the Net, Iris Murdoch

Under the Volcano, Malcolm Lowry

Watchmen, Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons

White Noise, Don DeLillo

White Teeth, Zadie Smith

Wide Sargasso Sea, Jean Rhys

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thought of the Day

Is there something wrong with loving something that makes you so sad?

Grey's Anatomy is so awesome.

Is it awesome for me?

I'm not sure that I care.

The socially awkward strikes again

So I was at my internship yesterday.

There are two student assistants working in the library at the same time I’m there. One is this bubbly, All-American girl. The other is an international student – from somewhere in Eastern Europe. I don’t even know his name.

But he flirts with me. A lot.

He’s acting all excited to see me and is telling me how he got drunk last weekend and whatever and I’m thinking, “oh my goodness, he’s going to ask me out. Maybe not right now, but he is so going to ask me out. And I’m going to have to find a polite way to say no. Crap.”

Pathetic dating life or not, you really can’t be going out with a student assistant who you’re working with at your internship.

Maybe after I’m done, I tell myself. And then I go and do some fun library things.

Fast forward to later in the night.

“Guess what?” he says to me. “I’m having a baby next week?”

Me: “You’re what?”

Him: “My wife is having a baby next week. A baby girl.”

Me: “Wow! That’s really exciting!”

And somewhat worrisome, since you keep making eyes at me.

I’m going to blame this on culture rather than my own special brand of awkward interactions with men.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I’m the type of girl who loves her sweats and her prettiest party dresses equally.

I’m the type of girl who relishes in good opportunity to bake.

I’m the type of girl who spends too much on gifts.

I’m the type of girl who will pick up a friend in the middle of the night.

I’m the type of girl who isn’t adept at smalltalk, but tries to get it right.

I’m the type of girl who wears her favorite shirt all the time.

I’m a ponytail type of a girl.

I’m the type of girl who doesn’t let her full appetite show.

I’m the type of girl who likes to milk her drink just because its something to hold.

I’m the type of girl who checks her email – and Facebook – first thing in the morning.

I'm the type of girl who will obsess about it, blog about it and neglect to vocalize it.

I’m the type of girl who doesn’t mind driving.

I’m the subtly smart type of girl.

I'm the type of girl who never quite knows what to say.

I'm the type of girl who will go to the funeral home because it is the right thing to do.

I’m the type of girl who always wears the same pieces of jewelry.

I'm an unabashedly athletic type of girl.

I’m the type of girl who will eat leftovers for breakfast.

I'm a simple type of girl.

I’m the type of girl who puts on makeup every morning.

I’m the type of girl who tries not to be the overly-emotional type of a girl.

I’m the independent/slightly stubborn type of girl.

I’m the type of girl who is shy to jump on the latest trend.

I'm the type of girl who always packs too much.

I'm the type of girl who has an incredibly detailed memory.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The beginning of the end

Anna leaves today for a week in NYC. Supposedly she’s going there to visit with her boyfriend. Really, she’s interviewing for jobs. I know this, even though she didn’t tell me, because it is awfully hard for me to not notice the new suit that she bought and the 50 copies of her résumé that she left on her desk.

As her roommate, I find Anna’s secret rendezvous with the nurse recruiters of NYC somewhat disconcerting. In a selfish sort of a way.

Mostly because – okay, this might be a little obvious – Anna can’t live with me and work in New York. And it isn’t like she won’t get a job. She’s a nurse and she could probably land a job in any hospital in that city.

So it is very likely that I will be moving soon. Just thinking about it gives me a headache. And a panic attack. And a blister on each heel.

I don’t want to move. I like where I live. I love the city, the central location, our quiet little street, the proximity to downtown. I like the nightlife – that I can invite over friends and that we can walk to the bar and walk home and have fun and be safe.

I definitely can’t afford our current house by myself. I don’t really have any potential roommate prospects, either, so staying where I’m at is essentially out of the question. No matter what, I’m going to have to move my massive accumulation of stuff. Again.

Oh, it’s going to suck so bad.

Hate. Hate. Hate.

If I had some money, I’d totally buy a house.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend in Review

-A delicious and unplanned lunch date for Indian cuisine with Lucy and Chet.
-Getting my skates sharpened...finally. (I was only three months overdue for the sharpening.)
-Purchasing a new pair of 7 For All Mankind jeans and getting them for an absolute steal.

Low points:

-Losing my hockey game on Saturday night 8-2. I let in six goals in the first period. Ouch.
-My sister's absolute bitchfest at the mall this afternoon. She tried something on. It didn't fit. I tried it on. It fit. I bought it. She threw a fit. Annoying.
-Getting stuck - very stuck - in the snow that is on my driveway.
-The three hours I spent at a mandatory soccer meeting, for a league that doesn't start for another 6 months. Seriously?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Extending an invitation

There aren't many things in my life that I consider obligations that I have to deal with.

I mean, everyone has some lame bullshit that they must put up with, but I don't think my bullshit is all that bad. It could be much worse.

What I do have to deal with, based upon my living situation, is Anna's constant family drama.

She has a lot of family drama. (I guess it is my extended family drama.) And I would probably have to listen to it 60 hours/week if she didn't work afternoons. (I'm always in bed by the time she gets home so we don't see each other all that much.)

On Sunday, it was all about her dad. "He thinks he knows everything," she ranted. "He wants run my life. I am 23 years old! I'll do what I want. Who does he think he is?"

It went on and on and on. She was pissed at him for some interaction that involved her, her dad and her dad's friend. She was pissed because he's discouraging Emma from going to the college she wants. She was pissed at him because - well - just name it and she was probably pissed about it.

So imagine my surprise when Meg called me regarding our planned bar night and said "Anna invited her dad."

She invited her dad to go to the bar with us.

Her father - the root of all evil - was invited to the bar and he gleefully accepted.

So fucking weird.

What was also so fucking weird: where we went. This '70s/'80s nightclub filled with, like, really old people in really weird clothing.

It was kind of a hilarious place to be. And sort of nice to be in the youngest 2% of patrons. And fun to dance without giving a hot shit about anyone in the place.

My uncle had fun, so I guess I shouldn't bitch too much about him being here. It's been a rough few months - with Aunt Marie's amputation and Emma's endless behavioral problems - so I guess if he can have a few drinks and dance a little, that is lovely and I should not bitch.

I still think that it is awfully strange that Anna invited him.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Both sides of the coin

Fuck: I left my cell phone at home this morning. Grrrr. Hate being without it.

Fun: Did you see Grey's last night? I have the sweater that the mom of the really sick kid was wearing. It amused me. And also helped balance out the excessive creepiness of the serial killer.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Call me Pollyanna

I am forever coming up with these enormous, grand ideas. They energize me, I hold onto them for a while, obsess about them some time, pour time into dreaming and researching.

Most of the time, nothing materializes. Occasionally, from my grand ideas something tangible will be born.

Over the weekend, I got the idea that I should set up a company-wide team to participate in the breast cancer walk that is held in May.

It is a huge event - I ran in it last year - that draws thousands of people. It is a good cause. It doesn't require a huge financial commitment (all you're obligated to pay is the $25 entry fee; fundraising is optional). You don't have to be in peak physical condition (many more people choose the 5K walk than the 5K run). And, to register as a team, you only need 10 people. And I was feeling optimistic and not hating my job or my coworkers all that much.

I asked the president's sister about it. She thought it was a great idea. I registered the team.

And now I'm all scared to go forward. To send out that first email to invite people to participate.

I'll get 10 people. It isn't a question of that. We'll have enough to make it run.

So I'm not sure what it is a question of. Looking like an ass kiss. Not succeeding to the scale I would like to. Not receiving a positive response. I'm not really sure.

Maybe I'd feel better once I talked with the president - got his blessing before I started soliciting participants.

Or maybe I need to stop analyzing everything in excruciating detail before I end up with an ulcer.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Only 130 hours to go

As part of my last semester (!!!) at library school, I’m doing an internship at a college library. Overall, it’s a good thing – I get library experience, I get class credit without having to take any stupid exams or read any boring textbooks, I get to know some people in the industry, blah, blah, blah.

The kicker, really, is that I have to work 135 hours before April 11. And it is going to kill me.

On Monday night, I’ll be in class. On Tuesday and Wednesday nights, I’ll be at my internship. From 6:00-10:00 pm. After working a full day.

Oh, it is going to be grueling. As much as I love the idea of getting in my car at 5, commuting a distance that should take 30 minutes but will take 60 minutes in rush hour traffic, feeling rushed all the way and then putting in an additional 4 hours of work – I’m pretty sure this is going to suck.

I’m sure that I’ll get acclimated and it will seem less and less sucky every week. But I really hate that I won’t get to the gym, that I’ll be eating dinner at 10:30 pm and going to bed at 10:45 pm and that the first half of the week will vacuum from me any sign of life.

The good news is that you all will get to read my incessant bitching about it!

And also that it will feel like spring – and graduation – is here at the blink of an eye.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Cute/not cute

My Vera Bradley handbag in Peacock? Cute.

My Vera Bradley tote bag in Java Blue? Cute.

My Vera Bradley lunch bag in Medallion? Cute.

Leaving the house this morning with my Vera Bradley handbag, tote bag and lunch bag? Not cute.

I never realized I was such a brand whore.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Week of the Resolution: Part 6

Give myself an allowance.

...because I think it will be an awfully effective way of me realizing, daily, how much money I'm spending.

Realizing with shock and horror at the end of the month? Traumatic. But not enough to change my habits.

So I'll withdraw a bit of money each week. Or each pay period, maybe. And that will serve as my spending money for that period of time. For drinks at the bar. For dinner with friends. For all of those stops at Tim Horton's.

I like money. And money doesn't like staying in my purse.

This will be the hardest of my resolutions to keep.


I was just registering for a skating competition and the organizing committee asked for information on your program. Specifically, they wanted to know the origin of your music.

I've been using this music for over a year. The only thing I knew was the name, so I consulted my friend Google.

Is from a soundtrack.

From a movie that includes this in the description. "On the other hand, she believes herself to be plain, dresses haphazardly, and is incredibly naïve on the subjects of love and flirtation; she has never had a boyfriend. She has an inventive imagination and loves children."

I had no idea that there had been a movie made about my life!

My coach and I are going to have to have a little chat about this.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Try a calendar

I am doing what is, essentially, an internship this semester. Will be good to get some practical experience.

As part of the internship, we have to go to three seminars. Our first seminar was today, which I found rather odd because the semester doesn't technically start until Monday. But, whatever. I emailed the professor yesterday to confirm the room location, so I knew that there wasn't a problem.

Our syllabus put fear into me. You must attend all three seminars. If you miss a seminar, you'll fail. Be on time. You can't leave early. It is written to be all sorts of strict.

We're in the midst of a snowstorm today, so I left early. I was trudging up the stairs at 9:24 for our 9:30 class. Perfect.

My classmates were milling around in the hallway.

When our professor hadn't arrived at 9:45, I went to the computer lab to check my email. We thought that, at the last minute, maybe she couldn't make it - the roads weren't great - and had emailed us notification.


At 10:05, a classmate realized that the professor's home phone number was on our syllabus.

She calls. Gets her husband. Who asks her to hold on, while he gets her.




I emailed her yesterday.

We all drove to class in a snowstorm.

And she forgot.

She showed up at 11 - we had an hour of class that was really just a waste of everyone's time. If she didn't remember we had class then she obviously didn't remember to prep for it, either.

We all make mistakes, I suppose.

But if I show up late to a class and she threatens to fail me? There's going to be a battle.

Week of the Resolution: Part 5

Run a half-marathon.

You know me and my fondness for making grand athletic goals. How could I let '09 pass without making one?

My grandma got me a heart rate monitor for Christmas, so training will get me using it regularly. And keep me in shape for summer soccer. And gives me a reason to go to the gym. And will leave me with a nice, smug sense of accomplishment.

Am shooting for the Detroit Free Press Marathon in October.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Week of the Resolution: Part 4

Get a new job.

...which is funny, because I seem to recall it being a resolution two years ago.

So, we'll hope (and proactively work towards) that being different this time around.

But we will also be realistic. The economy sucks. I'll be fresh out of grad school. It might be a part-time library job, piggybacked with my current full-time job until I can land a full-time job as a librarian. And that would be okay. I like being busy. And I like money.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Week of the Resolution: Part 3

Use my Palm Pilot.
I have it. I like it. I find it incredibly helpful. And yet I stopped using it. Why? Because I didn't like having to deal with keeping it charged.

Yes, kids, that is right. I stopped using my Palm Pilot because I couldn't be bothered to plug it in every few days.

(It was also a hassle to keep up with the syllabus changes one of my professors was always making last semester, but I'm done and over her.)

In 2009, I will renew my commitment to my Palm Pilot. I'll input my hockey schedule and my doctor's appointments. I'll have some clue of what is going on in my life. And I'll have less to store in my mind.

Win-win? I'd say so.

Blowin’ up

Oh, dysfunctional family of mine.

Uncle Alan – estranged Uncle Alan – got married again! Mom, Grandma and Aunt Marie found out via a wedding announcement from him and his new bride.

And Uncle Alan – estranged Uncle Alan, who is apparently a great fan of the U.S. Postal Service – followed up his wedding announcement with a letter to my grandma about how she, my grandpa, my mom and Aunt Marie ruined his life.

Uncle Alan – estranged and insane Uncle Alan – is going to my grandma’s house at 4:30 this afternoon to discuss his accusations.

Aunt Marie’s husband said yesterday that he wanted to kill himself. Anna, panicked, called my mom.

He also kicked ever-volatile Emma out of the house.

(I think she’s going to live with my parents for a bit. Again.)

It is a wonder that I consider myself to have such a great family.

Stockholm Syndrome?

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Week of the Resolution: Part 2

Take an average of 1 yoga class per week.
I think it is quite reasonable to take 52 yoga classes this year. Yoga is the best activity that I can do for my back but, unfortunately, the schedule at my gym isn’t entirely convenient and it is the first thing that I let slip when I get busy.

Gossip update

More clues that indicate that my cousin Liz is totally with Dan, her man friend:

1. They went to a fancy-schmancy dinner on NYE
2. They didn’t come and see us at the bar on NYE (hmmm. I wonder what they were doing in their hotel room with only one bed?)
3. We only saw them once, at dinner on New Years Day
4. Liz was feeling up his leg at dinner on New Years Day

You don’t go on a carriage ride with your male friends.
You don’t go on a carriage ride with friends at all.

A carriage ride. Ha. Who does she think she’s fooling?

Monday, January 05, 2009


We didn't end up going the all-inclusive route. And I didn't end up doing all of the planning. It was the best. Had I put my heart and my soul into finding the place - had I spent foolish sums of money for the evening - I would've been disappointed.

I was disappointed.

Hell, it was New Years Eve. It was bound to happen. Isn't that what it is all about? Getting excited and being let down?

It was fun getting dressed up. Meg and I both wore pink dresses, in shades entirely too close. We joked that we were looking for someone to be bridesmaids for.

In both pictures: me on the left, Meg on the right.

It was me, my work BFF Ashley, Meg, Meg's friend and Meg's friend's friend.

Here is who found someone to make out with at midnight: Meg, Meg's friend and Meg's friend's friend.

Here is who didn't: me and my work BFF Ashley.

Ashley is like me in that she really needs someone to pull her out of her shell in social situations like NYE. And, since the other three went up to the dance floor and we stayed down in the bar, we didn't have that little push. Or much of a desire to stay out past 12:01.

It seemed fine at the time. Like it was silly to push it. Like "of course I feel like an ugly duckling social misfit and of course I want to go back to the hotel. This is the story of my damn life."

But it is the story of my damn life because I let it be.

How do you end one story and start anew?

Week of the Resolution: Part 1

Resolutions are good. I like the challenge. I like holding myself accountable. In '07, I had a boatload of resolutions. In '08, I had one. I'm aiming for the middleground in '09.

In an attempt to generate thoughtful resolutions for 2009, I'll come up with one per day through Friday.

And then I'll spend all of 2009 bragging about how successful I am at keeping 'em!

Be nicer to my nemesis coworker
I have this coworker who is so mean to me. He’s the one who told me that I’d never marry. In turn, I am really mean back. Call it a brother/sister relationship if you want, but I think that it is starting to make me look like a bitch. He might deserve it, but I think that my negativity isn’t doing anything for me, so I’m going to tone it down in ’09.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Time to invest in a life

The most exciting thing to happen in the last 24 hours: finding out that The Athlete signed up for Facebook.

(I'll wait a few weeks to add him, so that he doesn't think that I'm a stalker.)

Saturday, January 03, 2009

'09. Really?

I am not feeling awash in the newness of this year.

I suspect that it has something to do with the past few days: a whirlwind of a trip to Chicago and back. The routine was broken up - I've never spent a New Years Eve in a bar before - and, quite frankly, it feels like it didn't happen. I can't quite explain it.

And I'm still formulating the resolutions, so continue to hold your breath.

If I had the reigns of 2009, I could be the architect of something really magical. It isn't how it works, but a girl can dream.

A year that included my graduation in May, shortly followed by a new job.
It would include soccer - indoor and outside - and hockey and skating.
The standard overload of family time.
Planning for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.
Renewing my passport so that I can go to the 2010 World Cup.
The year would involve me getting my finances in order, not just attempting it.
Running in a few races - maybe a half-marathon if I'm feeling really ambitious and my body is cooperative.
The year would have just enough adversity to keep me humble and thankful.
My perfectly manufactured year would include a boy. A really special one. A boy who adores me with the same ferocity with which I adore him.
Maybe something steadier when it comes to the housing situation, which would be nice.
2009 would bring my sister an acceptance letter (or 5) to graduate school.
Health to all I love.
The stability, politically and economically, that Detroit needs.
Did I mention that boy?

2008 was about getting over the last one. 2009 needs to be about falling for a new one.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Home again, home again

Chicago. NYE. Winter Classic. A touch of shopping. Family scandal. My wild sister. A great friend. Amazing food.

I'll write a bit about my trip - and my resolutions and my plans for 2009 - later.

Tomorrow morning, Lucy's hosting brunch at her house and I'm in charge of the main dishes (an egg casserole and a French toast casserole). It is absolutely exhausting to be so in demand!
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