Monday, December 01, 2008


My phone rang at 1:30 am Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

It was Darren.

He was walking to my house. Drunk.
I wasn’t there.

I left Mom and Dad’s house drove to pick him up. I’d done it once before.

[Don’t chastise me for it. Maybe he is looking for a mother. Maybe I am falling for it. I don’t care. When one of my friends can’t drive – when they’re calling me for help – I’m going to get out of bed and pick them up. How could I ever forgive myself if he killed himself or someone else?]

I was careful to keep him on the phone. He was wandering around my neighborhood. He had no coat on. No common sense. I asked him where he’d been and whom he’d been out with – he couldn’t really tell me. Or maybe he chose not to. It doesn’t matter.

He recently changed his phone number. I was giving him a hard time about it – trying to figure out what made him do it. I had been teasing him about it all week. And he wouldn’t even give me a straight answer when he was drunk. Punk.

And then he says “I have something to tell you but it is something I need to tell you in person.”

So of course I jump to ALL SORTS of conclusions.
And, of course, he never tells me and I never ask.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to say, anyway, if he was professing feelings for me. (Was I jumping to conclusions? What else could it have been?) I still don't think it would work.

But then I get into work today. And I’m talking to my work BFF Ashley – and she says “Darren asked me if I would help him date That Girl Who He Was Flirting With On Facebook.”



Anonymous said...

boys freaking suck. :(

my life is brilliant said...

Totally agree with KT.

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