Saturday, November 15, 2008


In one of my patented jackass moves, I seem to have lost my credit card.

At soccer. Tonight.

Which probably means that Colin will be the one to call me and say he found it.

(Hi. I fucking hope not.)

Because that would be fun. Pretending to be gracious to him.

If he does call. (No, really, I really fucking hope not.) I think I'll be all - yo, how fucking stupid do you think I am? I clearly canceled it within 90 minutes of losing it - and then I'll hang up.

And probably not think about him again.

Because he really, honestly does not matter.


Stace said...

pretty sure, i'd talk for 2.5 seconds and then think about it 24 hours later. . .but that's just me. . .damn i hate losing crap

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