Sunday, November 23, 2008

Risk and reward

I'm sure that hearing about my schoolwork really bores you.
I'm just a little anxious.

I just turned in what was probably the best paper I've written in graduate school. It was that rare paper that just pored out of me. I knew what I wanted to write and I wrote it. And I wrote it well.

The problem is that it doesn't exactly follow the assignment.

I cleared it with the professor. I think I'll get dinged on it anyway.

We had to visit a library and interview a librarian. (Sounds pretty elementary, right?) She gave us a list of questions to ask. We were supposed to ask them all. Transcribe them. And turn it in. Question and answer format. Requiring no thought. Requiring no skill.

My interview/library visit was a little more involved. The librarian let me sit with her and watch her work for a bit. She talked me through it. It was time consuming and, as a result, I didn't ask her all of the questions.

I told my professor that. Asked if I could write it up in paper format. She agreed.

It was the best paper I've written in graduate school.
I bet I don't get an A.


Accidentally Me said...

"We were assigned to visit a library and interview a librarian" kind of sounds like the beginning to a really cheesy lesbian porn film!

I would hope that the professor appreciates the value in what you did and rewards you accordingly. Any monkey can ask the questions on a takes some intelligence to make the assignment more useful for you!

Stace said...

hope you get an "a" and guess what I'M CAUGHT UP! woot woot. :)

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