Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh, nevermind

It was almost midnight when I took Emma home last night. I was feeling pretty good about how I had mitigated the situation. It could have been uglier.

And then I find out that Anna went back to her Mom and Dad's house sometime after I dropped off Emma. And they fought. And Emma stood behind Anna's car in the driveway so that she couldn't leave. Crazy insanity all around.

Anna better have had a damn good reason for going over to that house and stirring up what I had tried so hard to settle. Otherwise, I'm just painting her as a glutton for punishment.

I guess Aunt Marie had a seizure in the ER sometime after Emma and I left. She didn't wake up for an hour.

I'm not working today (I have a lot of vacation days that I'm going to lose at the end of the year). Anna has already been up. And back to bed. She might have been crying in her bedroom. I didn't want to bust in. I think she's asleep again.

So here I am - once again - totally at a loss for what to do.

This isn't what I'm good at. I think it is because of how I would handle the situation - by being closed off and focused and unwilling to accept help - that I feel like I can be nothing but a pest and a waste of space.

What I need is for someone (preferably my mom, but Grandma or Anna would do, too) to grab me by the shoulders and tell me what to do. In very detailed, step-by-step directions.


Stace said...

i like how you say step-by-step. . .unfortunately life doesn't happen like that. hope all turned out well, but why were they arguing, or did i miss that?

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