Friday, November 07, 2008

A night without homework

...but with more than enough other things.

I have a hockey game at 6:00.

And soccer at 8:00.

At 10:00, random people will be coming over to my house. So that we can go to the bar. You would think that I invited them over - or maybe Anna, since she lives with me - but you would be wrong. Meg put on her party planning hat. And invited people. To my house.

I don't care.

Except that the bathroom is dirtier than I would prefer (please, cleaning gods, inspire Anna while I am at work).

Except that I absolutely cannot have people to my house - even if they're just stopping in before they go to the bar - if there is not proper food to feed them. Just the thought makes me weak.

So there I was at the damn grocery store, buying brownie mix and chips and whatever else looked good, last night at 9.

Because I am my mom.


Stace said...

there are times i wish i had a roommate and then i think. . i couldn't walk around naked. :) but the cooking thing sounds cool, maybe i should plan something cool and fun like that. .. one weekend when i'm not COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED

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