Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It’s Pie Day!

One of my favorite days of the year.

I like the anticipation. I like the domestic bliss. I like the absurdity that is my mom’s patented pie formula.

My cousin Liz is coming over. There will be a lot of laughing. I will be made fun of – incessantly – for puking in her shoes on my birthday. Meg will make really nice piecrusts and I will feel inferior. We will dance in the kitchen. My dad will make us something “gourmet” for dinner (by his standards, not ours). (So what I’m saying is that he is going to make us some hotdogs.)

I will – hopefully – get to bed at a reasonable time. Meg, Anna and I are running a Turkey Trot. The run starts at 8. We are totally going to freeze our asses off. And then we’ll have a perfectly good excuse to eat anything and everything that crosses our paths.

Cannot believe that it is already Thanksgiving.

I’m almost 26 and two months.
My semester is two weeks from being dunzo.
The Athlete has been gone for four months. And he’ll be back in four more. (Wheee!)
It is so wintertime.
Colin and I have been caput for 11 months.
And today is Pie Day.



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