Thursday, November 13, 2008

If you didn't see Grey's, don't read this

Dear Grey's Anatomy writers,

Seriously? You fucking blow.

I cannot believe I just sat through an hour of that crap. When did Grey's Anatomy turn into the fucking Ghost Whisperer?

Denny again? Really? Here's the thing: you already killed him. You already killed him and he already came back (it was almost relevant last time) and Izzy Stevens already stood outside of the hospital for - what? - all of season three? Really?

And that Sadie character bores me. She is "woooo! Look at me! I am so wild and so crazy!" in an American accent. And then two seconds later, she says it with an Australian accent. And then I fall asleep.

Hints: Grey's Anatomy does not equal Ghost Whisperer. Grey's Anatomy does not equal Fight Club. Grey's Anatomy is not this lame. And Denny? He's dead.


Shelley said...


I do agree about the Sadie thing, though.

A said...

Yes, harsh. But I keep thinking of other things to bitch about.
1. Izzy's makeup last night. OMG - Covergirl Cake.
2. When Hunt kissed Cristina and he looked like a crazy rapist. Creepy!

I think my hate really just comes for my strong dislike of sci-fi. I don't do the supernatural. Denny is dead and, thus, the supernatural.

m said...

I just watched it today because I taped it on the DVR and I have to agree it's kinda struggling right now. I think they are trying too hard to make it interesting and earth shattering, and it's backfiring. I also don't think they had planned on Erica leaving so that probably threw a wretch in their long term vision.

I definitely don't like the Denny thing and to tell you the truth I didn't really like it when it was going on when he was alive. We all have very high expectations for the show and they have always set the bar really high so when they go through points like this when they aren't meeting expectations it makes it worse. Hopefully they rebound soon and get back on track!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. They better be going somewhere with this and fast.

I have to disagree with A on the Christina/Hunt kiss. I loved it and want more crazy kisses like that. :)

Although, yes, he did look a little creepy.

Mrs. Architect said...

I fell off the grey's addiction when izzy revived that damn deer.

downhill from there. now i dont care if i miss an ep.

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