Saturday, November 29, 2008

Days and days

I hate when I feel like this.

When everything seems like too much effort.

When all I want is for the time to pass. To move on. To be over this.

I don't think its depression or boredom. Just a gloomy anxiety. Feeling stuck. Neither happy nor unhappy. Just there. Wanting to sleep until tomorrow. When I will feel more like me. Where I possess drive. Desire. Ambition. When I look at the clock and marvel at how quickly the day has passed, instead of bemoaning how much more of my day I need to tackle.

I hate it.

I don't want my days to feel like a chore. My life to feel like it drags.

I'll take the bad days as long as I have the good.

It is days like today - the ones that do not even warrant a label - that I dislike.


M. said...

i think you just summed up exactly how i feel right at this moment--actually, i've been feeling like that all weekend. sometimes it comes in waves. i don't think it's depression either because i can pretty much function normally--i just can't pin point it.

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