Monday, October 27, 2008

This shit is outta control

It's a little strange for me to refrain from blogging for three days. I do realize that none of you come here to read about how fucking exhausted I am (why do you come here?!), so I'll just gloss over that.

Friday: nothing to report. Such a standard day. Boring to the maximum. I worked. I did homework. I went to sleep.

Saturday: I spent the morning at my house. I sat in bed and did homework. I did a little bit of laundry. Absolutely uneventful, but I have grown to appreciate my Saturday mornings. Is good to bum around and get a few things done. I went to class in the afternoon. I WATCHED THE PATHETIC MICHIGAN WOLVERINES MAKE ME SICK. (Seriously - all signs pointed to them losing in pathetic form and still my head exploded with rage!) And then I went to dinner with my family. I also almost managed to stay up until 11. But Blue was in my bed and my eyelids were very heavy.

Sunday: Joint birthday party for me, Emma and my dad. Will cover that in a separate post. Why? Because it sucked. I spent the rest of my day doing homework. And then, just as I was leaving to go to hockey, we lost power. It still wasn't on when I got back from hockey (two hours later) - so I packed up and went to Mammy and Pappy's house for the night.

A weekend in the life.

I know you're jealous.


OC said...

Sometimes the mundane weekends are the best ones! I come to read because I love your writing, your stories. You describe people so well... That's why I'm here!

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