Thursday, October 23, 2008

The over/under

After we visited Aunt Marie in the hospital, Meg and I went to dinner. It was nearly 9:00, on a somewhat miserable, bitter and rainy Tuesday night. The restaurant was nearly empty.

We were seated at a table next to a couple that was definitely on their first date. Meg was not particularly talkative. I found a sick amount of joy in listening to their awkward, forced small talk.

I was exhausted – par for the course these days – and I couldn’t help but feel relieved that it wasn’t me at that table. The amount of energy required to sustain that conversation? Didn’t have it. That isn’t even taking into consideration the effort the poor girl went into making herself presentable. Couldn’t handle it.

But I eavesdropped on their conversation with a considerable amount of glee. Sports, Colorado, drinking, family, cooking. They hit it all. Even drunk driving.

I concocted a story in my head. They met on Her biological clock is ticking wildly. He’s been married before. Early thirties, I guessed. He had a bit of gray in his hair. She had a rough voice and leathery skin.

“What year did you graduate high school?” I don’t remember how the question was posed, but it wasn’t an overt request for her age. It fit into the conversation.

“2000,” she answered.

“Oh, right.” They must’ve already covered this. Maybe in an email. “Me, too.”


Gray hair.
Leathery skin.
Furiously ticking biological clocks.

They were the same age as me.

I could’ve died.

(She later said that she had just turned 27. Which is one whole year older than me. But still.)


Lauren said...

You know...we don't even officially leave adolescence until we're 27 years old. Don't worry about any biological clocks for a few more years, k? You're still a spring chicken, and have PLENTY of time to live for yourself before you even start to consider living for someone else..or MAKING PEOPLE for that matter. Be young while you still can.

Pink Sun Drops said...

What?!?! That's crazy. I love the store you concocted in your head : ) .

my life is brilliant said...

I have just managed to catch myself up on all your posts since early September. It's been a busy few weeks for you!

That's awesome that you got to see the Stanley Cup! The picture is adorable!

I hope your aunt continues to get better. I know it's hard on everyone right now, so I'm sure it'll be nice when she's back home.

I don't know how you always balance everything that you do. You may joke that you have a problem with overscheduling yourself, but you seem to handle it well!

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