Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In my world

I realized something about myself today, as I walked into the hospital to see my aunt.

I watched the people around me carefully.

A girl my age. Probably going to see a friend who just had a baby.
A middle-aged couple. Probably going to see their daughter, who just had a baby.
A mom and a child. Probably going to see the child's aunt, who just had a baby.
A man, by himself. Going home. His wife had a baby.

Every person there. I searched their faces. I glanced at what they carried. I made note of what they wore.

At the hospital for a joyous occasion.

As though my aunt was the only patient in the hospital who wasn't there to give birth.

I'm not sure if that is optimistic or just painfully naive.


Accidentally Me said...

What's wrong with being optimistic?

Now, as for the obsession with babies...

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