Thursday, October 09, 2008

Far away

My dearest, darlingist coworker and friend, Ashley, has this boy in her life. She met this boy at a wedding in June. And then they made out at the hotel.

Fate is cruel, so he obviously lives in Atlanta. They've kept in touch - phone, text messages - since then.

There have been a least three...stretches in which she won't hear from him for a few days. Once, it was a week. And during those days, I listen to her talk about him in a quiet and sad voice. "I wish he would just tell me he doesn't want to talk to me anymore."

Her sister is moving down south. Ashley is driving down with her on Sunday. There will be time spent in Atlanta. With that boy. With that boy who was in the midst of one of his no-talk sprees until he learned that Ashley would be in his town.

And now it is "I called because I wanted to hear your voice" and "I miss your face."

I haven't told her that she shouldn't do this. It is what I feel but it is not what I say. She is full of hope. And I have never met this boy.

I am a horrible friend because I do not trust him. Because I see Colin in the way that he disappears and I see me in the way that she closes herself off to other opportunities because she is so full of hope for a boy who is unavailable.

And I'm a horrible friend because, beyond my cynicism, I am a tad bit jealous, too.


Anonymous said...

i'm totally with you on this one. and you are not a bad friend.

Accidentally Me said...

Long distance relationships are very hard...and I never understood how people could start dating that way. It just seems like it is such a huge task to get to know someone in a way that requires so much effort. In fact, I am not sure I know anyone who figured that out...I know people who were long distance for a while, but it was after meeting and dating locally first.

And you are obviously not a horrible friend (well, OK...the jealousy is to be worried about her! But she is a big girl, and if she really likes him, maybe she feels like it is worth the effort.

I would just caution you, to be fair to him, to not paint him as Colin. He is probably just as frustrated as she is, and may have the same questions about her interest level. Well, at least until you meet him...then you can judge all you want!

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