Saturday, October 04, 2008

Being the bigger person

I emailed Colin back. A combination of two good suggestions from two lovely ladies and an a-okay from Ashley. Squeezed my eyes shut as I pressed send.

He responded back in, oh, 18 seconds. No joke.

sorry just an hour and 3 minutes late, why the best birthday so far?

I emailed him back some vague crap since it, um, wasn't really my best birthday yet even though it was quite lovely. And I did not hear from him again.

[I'll confess now that, after going home for the day, I checked my work email account more than a few times to see if he replied. Nothing. And nothing today, either.]

I did see him at soccer last night. We didn't talk. He walked right by where I was sitting with a teammate. I kept my eyes down. Civil email exchange or not, I still can't look at him. We cannot be friends.


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