Tuesday, October 14, 2008


My aunt is in surgery right now.

It started an hour ago. It was supposed to start 5 hours ago. Can you imagine that? Sitting around and waiting for your foot to be amputated? I don't know details. By the stress level in my mom's voice - I'm guessing that the waiting created nothing but anxiety.

Overall, Aunt Marie has been very at peace with this decision. I think, in some ways, she has had three years (since she first broke her ankle) to get used to this decision. She is, by nature, a negative person. But, perhaps until that four-hour wait, she did not mourn the loss of her ankle.

I hope that she sees what she is losing. Not the toes. The foot. The bones and the tissue. But the pain. The infection. The wound that could not heal.

I hope that she can remain positive. That she can rehabilitate. That she can look back on this and say "I cannot believe I didn't have it amputated earlier."

I cannot begin to understand how scary it is, the prospect of having a limb removed.

Death, I suppose, is scarier.

I cannot begin to feel what her daughters feel. Feel what my grandparents feel. Feel what my mom feels.

I can only feel how her niece can feel.
I can only pray with all my might.
I can only ask those I know to do the same.


Accidentally Me said...

Oh, fingers crossed that it all goes well.

I can't understand, either, but I guess the best hope is that living with a prosthetic is easier than living with the infection. At least that is what I hope for her.

Accidentally Me said...
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