Sunday, August 03, 2008

Wearing out my weekend

Every muscle in my body aches. The tips of my toes even hurt. I am so damn tired. And so damn alive.

I have the tendency, I think, to observe life more than I actually live it. It is nice to have a weekend that I lived the shit out of.

Friday night was spent at the bar with my soccer team, with Darren and with Anna after she got off of work. It was fairly low key and still oodles of fun. I was Darren's designated driver, which provided me with many entertaining moments. Including putting a band aid on the toe he injured walking up the stairs to my front porch.

I skated on Saturday morning, despite going to bed at 3:30 am. I went directly from skating to an afternoon of family time. I crashed for a few hours at home, went on a short shopping trip with Mom and Meg ate some ice cream and went to sleep.

Darren sent me a text or two before I went to bed.

And he called me at 2:11 am. The gist of what he said to me: I'm really drunk. I lost everyone I went to the bar with. I can't drive.

I went and picked him up. He was at a bar that is two blocks from my house. But I was at home. I drove 20 minutes to pick him up. 20 minutes to his house. 20 minutes back home.

I can't say that I wanted to do it, but I can't say that I was terribly angry, either. I would much rather get out of bed and get him than feel absolutely sick because he died/got a DUI/killed someone else as a direct result of my refusal to pick him up. So that it is what I did.

He is still harboring a major crush on Anna. I don't mind too terribly much. I think we have the potential to be good friends. I'm not really feeling the relationship potential. Is it because I'm busy pining over The Athlete? Well, maybe. I never claimed to be perfect.

We won our soccer game today. Darren called me to thank me, profusely, for taking care of him. Mom, Meg and I made a trip to Target. I read. And now I am in bed, fresh out of the shower and quite satisfied with life.

All weekends should end like this.


Stace said...

so where did this Darren fellow stay Friday night if he was walking up to your porch? And guy friends are good to have. .especially if they are just that. . .I think. they don't sugarcoat like girls can.

my life is brilliant said...

I agree with Stace. Guy friends are fun.

And I love the last line of your post. I love feeling like that!

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