Monday, August 18, 2008

Oh, hell

I thought that I didn't have a crush on Darren because I had a decidedly more glamorous crush in The Athlete. (Who I expect that I will not hear from again until he is back in town in the springtime and is looking for a booty call.)

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

I totally like Darren. (That sounds so 5th grade, but its the absolute truth.) It is a very controlled like. A mature like. A reachable like. One who I don't feel the uncontrollable need to text every two minutes. But wouldn't mind doing so.

He's just fun. Fun and down-to-earth. He's nice. Honest. Good with kids. Decent. He isn't afraid of who he is. He has this very easy, unassuming self-confidence about him that I appreciate.

My latest plan is to talk him into coming with me to Kevin's Replacement's wedding in September. I have mentioned it before and he was all about it. We will see if he comes through. He hasn't done/promised anything that he hasn't come through with. But I'm jaded. I know how much fun we would have and I'm afraid to look forward to it too much.

The other plan? Our joint birthday party. His birthday is Monday the 29th. Mine is Thursday the 2nd. We've been joking about our joint birthday celebration - even going as far as to ask our company's marketing manager to come up with a theme - for weeks now. It would be fun, right?

Now, don't go telling me to make a move because I'm just not going to. I invite him to the bar every flipping time that we go (I don't think he has ever turned down an invitation). So the wedding will be just about enough. I will not scare him away. He is still a coworker. It can't get weird. I will nudge this to the edge, but he will have to be the one to push it over the cliff.

He's fun.
He's a good guy.
He dresses well.
He is responsible.

He's who Colin could have been if he was...well...completely different.


Accidentally Me said...

Maybe you should sort of actively encourage, have Anna maybe suggest to him that he show some initiative... Just have her tell him that she thinks you two would be cute together, and that she thinks you would be interested if he made a move. If he can't take that kind of opening, then he is a weanie:-P, but it would avoid the awkwardness of someone being rejected.

Plantation said...

You sure you're ok with just being friends?

A said...

Yeah, PT, I think I am. Is that crazy? He's a really good guy and a good friend. Maybe I'm settling - but I'd rather have him in my life as a friend than not at all.

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