Monday, August 11, 2008

Foolish foolishness

We started Friday night at Buffalo Wild Wings, which we chose for three reasons:
1. We could watch the Olympic opening ceremonies
2. We could drink
3. We could walk there

It was Anna, Ashley and me. Darren met us later.

We ate the painfully mediocre food. Talked. Watched the opening ceremonies and made bad jokes. And we headed back to my house.

Somewhere in there - Anna pointed out the fact that the wheels on my bed aren't locked. If you jump onto my bed, you'll roll across the hardwood floor.

Somewhere in there - Anna and Ashley came to some ridiculous agreement about how I should be hooking up with Darren.

And then Darren is showing up at my house and Ashley is running into my room, pretending to lock the wheels on my bed. So that the bed doesn't roll straight out the window while we are having hot sex.


It isn't going to happen. Not with me and Darren.

"He wants Anna," I remind Ashley.

"He doesn't know what he wants," Ashley tells me.

She calls me Little Miss Doesn't Take Chances. Because I don't. Because I am not willing to throw myself at Darren.

I would be okay if he decided to throw himself at me.

I have never even said so much as a word about having a crush on Darren. And all of a sudden they're suggesting this to me?

Here is the plan:
a. Don't get hopes up
b. Let Darren make first move
c. Try to shake Little Miss Doesn't Take Chances nickname

I like Darren as a friend. I adore Darren as a friend.

I won't count it out. And I won't hope for it.

I get too invested. And a little bit obsessed. I will not scare him off.

He is my friend.

It is okay if that is all he ever is.


Accidentally Me said...

Hmm...I am not sure that is the best policy. He seems a little too close to have a "whatever happens" plan. You may want to put a little more thought into what you might want from him.

Really, if he does in fact make the first move, it would be good to have thought about whether or not you would be interested. And there are good arguments both ways (but for the record...go for it:-P)

That doesn't mean you have to make a decision now on whether he is marriageable...just have some idea of how you are going to react.

That could also help you decide whether you might want to be a little bit more pro-active, too.

Anonymous said...

what?! girl, you need to make a move.

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