Monday, July 21, 2008

What a difference a few hours make

I wouldn't dare blog at 5:15 this afternoon, just as I wouldn't dare call anyone. I was hanging precariously from the end of my rope, blinking back tears and staring into an infinite abyss.

At 5:15, I was finishing up a workday that I simply cannot describe. I don't have enough negative words in my vocabulary. That is how good it was.

I needed to stay for two more hours if I wanted to make even the slightest dent into what I needed to get done, like, three weeks ago.

Instead, I left. To the library. To work on a project. Due tomorrow. The largest chunk of my grade. Not even half done.

First, I stopped at Chipotle for vegetarian burrito brain food. Then, I banished myself to the library.

It is quite amazing.

I left the library with a new lease on life. Yes, my job still blows. And I still have a few finishing touches for the project.

But it is my last assignment. And tomorrow is my penultimate class.

So I guess I'll just be grateful for The Great Homework Miracle of 2008.


Stace said...

YIKES to all that craziness, glad you accomplished it all, and if not all at least the homework

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