Friday, July 04, 2008

Three whole days

I am PUMPED about this three day weekend. Seriously pumped. Since it is unlikely that my boss will approve a day off between now and the bitter end of August, I'll love up this weekend with all I've got.

Last night, the family went to dinner at The Melting Pot. Hi - YUM. I hadn't been there before. But it seriously made me happy. And full.

Today, we're having Meg's birthday party. Both sides of the family will come over. Some family friends will stop by. Fun will be had. Sparklers will be lit. Fourth of July with a birthday twist. I can't complain. Except maybe when I remember what I was doing last Fourth of July, which was sitting by the pool in Vegas at Mandalay Bay.

Meg, our cousin Liz and I have an appointment for massages early tomorrow afternoon. I can't fricking wait.

Tomorrow night, a bunch of Meg's friends and a bunch of my friends are going out to celebrate Meg's birth, Meg's new job, Meg's ability to get herself dressed each day, etc.. Should be fun.

On Sunday, I think I'll recover. And maybe do some homework.


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Stace said...

screw last ytear! Always keep your eye straight ahead, into the future and what great things are to come. Enjoy the massage. I'm jealous. :)

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