Sunday, July 27, 2008

No harm done

The fantasy of it was nice. I blogged about The Athlete just after I hung up from the drunk dial. He was sweet. He was charming.

I was a little bit surprised. Things like that don't happen to me. Boys - especially ones who I don't know well - don't tell me that I am adorable. They don't, in surprising detail, tell me the exact moment that they realized that they were attracted to me. It just doesn't happen. Boys don't like me. Or they don't tell me.

I was so giddy yesterday morning. I went to the rink and skated for two hours. I'm not sure that my blades ever touched the ice.

I stopped at the mall on the way home. I had nothing suitable, nothing date worthy, with me at Mom and Dad's to wear if he happened to call. I quickly picked out a few things and then I dashed home.

That lunch date? Didn't happen.

I heard from him via text message later in the day. But he never suggested that we do anything.

It's okay, I guess. What was I expecting? A torrid love affair? First of all, it was a drunk dial. Secondly, he's leaving to work in Europe on Wednesday.

If I wanted anything from this, I should've just gone to see him on Friday night. I should've thrown caution to the wind. For one time in my damn life.

Am feeling a little stupid that I didn't strike while the iron was hot.

Am feeling a little hopeful that something - something small - could still happen. I'll definitely see him at work on Monday and Tuesday.

And I'm feeling grateful that this whole thing happened at all. Because he'll come back eventually. Because I needed a boy at the top of my mind who isn't Colin. Because there's nothing wrong with a little fantasy.

A professional athlete thinks I'm adorable. Tee hee.


Susan said...

how about you ask HIM out? what's the worst that could happen? he says no and goes to europe...right?

A said...


Maybe tomorrow.

Accidentally Me said...

Susan totally stole my idea! This is so simple..."Hey, I feel bad about being boring on Saturday. You wanna grab dinner tonight or tomorrow before you leave?"

And then, when he says yes, make sure to make out with him:-P

Stace said...

I say Susan has a point! and you are right A having another guy at the top of your mind instead of Colin is a step in the right direction. :) And guys LIKE you they are probably to chicken sh*t to tell you. b/c men are chicken sh*ts. :)

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