Friday, July 25, 2008

Miracle of the week

I just got asked out by a boy. (!!!)

A boy who plays a sport professionally. (!!!!!!!)

Sure, he plays in Europe. Sure, it was more of a group thing than a hot date. Sure, I had to say no (sob) because I already promised Lucy and Chet that I would help with their house tonight.

(Am I not the best friend EVER?)

But it was nice.

Me. A professional athlete. Hahahahaha.


Susan said...

Ummm...I am ALL for being a good friend. Seriously. But if there's any way you can go on that date still and, like, help Lucy and Chet out tomorrow I'm sure they'll totally understand. And you totally have every right to do this for yourself.

Stace said...

you passed it up?!?!?!? ok. fine. but did you ask for a rain check?

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