Friday, July 18, 2008

Medical dramas and other thrills

It is 9,007 degrees here in southeastern Michigan and I don’t have air conditioning.

I didn’t change my clothes when I got home from the gym yesterday. Why change out of sweaty clothes just to sweat through another outfit? I bumbled around in a humidity-induced haze. Ate some Indian food. Packed up what I would need for my weekend (I am going to Mom and Dad’s where they have: a. air conditioning and b. a lake). Watched Grey’s, followed by Hopkins, which I had to try really hard not to weep through because that baby was so. sweet. Oh, and his personality! Bubbly little guy. And he needed a heart transplant. And his mom put her head on her husband and sobbed. There was also an old man with bleeding in his brain because of a fall. They told his wife. She cried. I cried.

I seriously should not be allowed to watch medical dramas, real or fictional.

After the sobfest, I took a shower and went the hell to bed.

Am feeling much better than I did yesterday.

Am looking forward to the weekend. Plans include (but are not limited to):
-Movie date with Lucy and Colleen
-A lesson with my skating coach
-Balancing my checkbook and paying bills
-Golfing with Meg and my dad
-A trip to GAP
-5:00 pm soccer game on Sunday
-Starting, and getting dangerously close to finishing, the final project I have due for class on Tuesday
-Painting my nails
-Baking something, probably muffins

I would like to hammer out my schoolwork at the Hatcher Graduate Library, which happens to be situated right in the middle of the Ann Arbor Art Fairs. So I guess I’ll get in a little bit of culture and a whole lot of people watching.

And if I get really lucky, a parking ticket, too.


Accidentally Me said...

Are you a bette golfer than me? I am terrible...I just started last year, but I always have fun!

my life is brilliant said...

Oh my gosh, I saw that Hopkins episode too. That show is really addicting.

Anonymous said...

Ok, hopkins made me sob like nobody's business!! I couldnt turn away, but man i couldnt wait for the series to end. The kid stuff was just so hard to watch. Uhh, and the little girl who drowned!! Terrible! As a new parent, watching anything bad happen to someone's child kills me now.
On a happier note... I see you are a Grey's fan too. Check out this cool recap of the first 4 seasons!

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