Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just the truth, pretty much

Today I applied for a job that I have no chance of getting.

My qualifications fit the position pretty well, actually. And, since the job was just posted yesterday, I expect it to be received in the first batch of applications.

Still, I probably have no chance of getting the job because I have had absolutely crap luck in finding a new job. And this one really interests me. And is in a great location. And would really mesh well with what I am studying in graduate school.

So I won't even get a call. Probably not even a rejection letter.

I'm just not good at this. Finding a new job. I don't know why (surely it isn't my obscenely expensive yet useless liberal arts education!) I'm quite so bad. But at this point it is pretty much past denial.

I suck at getting a job. The end.

Normally, I'm not quite such a pessimist. I happen to really like that honeymoon period in which I apply for a job and then spend the next 7-10 days dreaming of putting in my two weeks notice. It's that deafening silence that follows that nearly kills me.

This time around, I'll go into this absolutely sure that I won't get so much as a phone interview.

Maybe I can be pleasantly surprised.

If not? Well, it was what I expected.


Lauren said...

You know...if you keep saying things like that for all the world (and universe) to hear, you'll get in return exactly what you're saying-- no job, no contact, no interview, nothing.

Instead, why don't you say exactly what it is that you want? In the end, you'll get exactly what you're looking for.

Unless of course by saying all these things about this potential job, you really don't want it in the first place. Which then begs the question, why did you apply at all if you don't really want the job?

A said...


Oh, how I needed that.

Thanks for the kick in the butt! :)

my life is brilliant said...

I think Bad Girl read The Secret (I read the first few pages)!

I hope that you're wrong and she's right!

Anonymous said...

i felt the same way when i applied for my current job. no chance in hell of landing my dream job. totally convinced myself that i wouldn't get the call. then i got the call. totally convinced myself that i'd fail the interview. i rocked. totally convinced myself that the other 7 candidates would beat me out. i beat everyone out and landed my dream job.

you never know.

good luck.

Paul Michael Peters said...

You know there are these services that will fix your resume for you. Even a super smart and sexy crime fighter, like you, can have one of these specialist work things over for you.

I sent out my home made resume for three months with little to show for it, after having a professional make it, I had a dozen job offers to choose from. They kept coming in even after I accepted the one I am in.

In summary - you are super sexy and smart, use it to your advantage.

Stace said...

i'm right there with you although you do have a little (ok a lot) more education in your field than i do. although you have to have hope and faith you'll find one, i'll have it for the both of us just to have you covered.

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