Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Babbling at its finest

I can't get up off of the couch. My night will be deemed a success if I don't fall asleep here.

Jon and Kate Plus Eight is on. My brain is off.

I'm done with classes. My Tuesday professor decided that we wouldn't meet next week. We took our oral final exam (one silly question - I didn't do that well) last night. I took my other final exam tonight. And now I am free.

I have five weeks off, I think. My grand plans consist of going to the gym more, reading a book or two and watching season four of Grey's Anatomy once it comes out on DVD.

Did I mention that Lucy and Chet bought a house? They got the keys earlier this week. I'm really excited for them. A tad jealous, yes, but mostly excited.

I'm going over to help paint on Friday night. I've never really painted before. I haven't told Lucy that just yet.

I need to go to the grocery store.
I need to go to the bank.
I need to figure out my financial aid for next semester.

My mom is wearing a heart monitor. She's still having episodes. I wish the doctors could figure out the source of her problem.

I am feeling really sick of my hair. It is totally long. Sort of hot. But I'm 25. And my hair is parted down the middle 75% of the time. I feel like TV cameras are going to come crashing in to give me a makeover at any moment.

Anna is gone for the weekend - camping with her boyfriend. Having a boyfriend sounds like fun. Camping does not. I like hotels.

I love Greek yogurt.


Anonymous said...

You have cute hair!

I love Jon and Kate. I can't figure out if Kate is overly bossy or just enough bossy for having 8 kids. I go back and forth.

I'm sorry about your Mom. They better figure it out soon!

I have never had greek yogurt. Must try.

Stace said...

you hair didn't seem really long, but i understand the long and hot outside it's killing me, i'm not sure ppl know what mine looks like down these days.

greek yogurt 1) very random 2) never heard of it.

prayers for your mom

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