Thursday, July 17, 2008

All rung out

I have been running. Literally, physically, running around my office since last Wednesday. My boss found out – pretty much on the most inopportune week of the year – that his stepmother (who has been very ill for months) wouldn’t likely live through the weekend. He took off to Manitoba. And left me here, trying to navigate the first of five insanely hectic weeks. All on my own.

I am doing okay. I am getting everything done. I am running down the hallways so quickly that office doors turn into a blur. But I’m keeping my head above water.

This morning, I hit the wall. I’ve been mostly comatose since I have been here. I’m still getting work done. It is just so. damn. hard. It is hot out. I went to bed too late last night. And I’m worn out from all of these hoops that I’m jumping through.

I want to sit at my desk and read blogs. I want to each chocolate out of the candy dish. And I want to go home.


Stace said...

at least your not sitting around waiting for someone to update their blog, b/c you are so slow you could watch a snail move a mile! It's responsibility and when you conquer this, you're boss will move you up. . . maybe. . wishful thinking. . . GOOD LUCK!

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