Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I’m bad at checking the voicemail on my phone. When I finally did, during my epic journey to the west side of the state on Friday afternoon, I had two voicemails from Kate.

Kate is the girl who just asked me to be in her wedding.

The messages were very cryptic. I deleted them both before I got to the end. Rambling, incoherent. She sounded upset.

Her voice was shaky when she answered the phone. I immediately apologized for taking so long to call her back. I asked her, gently, what was up.

Her dad has cancer.

Terminal lung cancer. He was given 8-12 months to live. Her wedding is one year and one week away.

I am very sad for her.


Stace said...

OMG does that mean she's moving the wedding up to happen quicker so her dad can walk her? Yikes that really stinks for her.

Anonymous said...

That is very sad.

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