Monday, June 23, 2008

Team building

I had my company picnic on Saturday afternoon. Talk about exciting! I could’ve been home watching the Euro 2008 quarterfinals thriller that was Netherlands – Russia. But, no. I watched my coworkers’ children compete in a three-legged race. Goodie, goodie gumdrops.

Work picnics? They’re a lovely idea. But for someone like me – in her 20s, no kids to show off, no husband to drag along, no boyfriend or fiancé on my arm – they’re mostly torture.

Luckily, my work BFF is in the same boat as me. Ashley is very single and very awesome. To assure synchronized arrivals, we met in a parking lot outside of the picnic site and drove in together.

When we got there, our one-woman HR department exclaimed “the party’s here!”


We put in our required time, hanging with the singles mafia. The singles mafia was three strong: me, Ashley and this boy who works with Ashley at her location, Darren.

It was okay. We survived.

After the picnic, Ashley and I headed to my house...stopping along the way for shredded cheese, tortillas and vodka. We also grabbed a quick dinner at Cosi.

Saturday’s bar night had been planned for a month. Because we’re old and must schedule these things weeks in advance. Lucy and Colleen, Meg and her roommate, Ashley and me. Anna joined us after she got off of work. And, somehow, Darren ended out with us. ...and subsequently drunk at my house, eating copious amounts of the quesadillas that my sister loves to make as a post-bar snack.

The evening was hilarious. Drunken but not too much so. I ended up with a mini crush on Darren. And then I have Lucy and Anna whispering in my ear “he’s cute! He’s nice! Hook up with him!” And then I have Ashley saying, “how long do you think until he’s making out with Meg?” And then Lucy, yesterday, breaking the news that Colleen developed a thing for him, too. Even though she barely spoke to him all night. It’s cool. Nothing will come of it. I work with him. It would be weird.

It was just sort of nice to hang out with a boy. I get along with guys quite well – but now that Colin is gone and I (obviously) am no longer hanging out with his friends, I just don’t have the opportunity to stir it up with the men like I used to.

So I got that.
A lot of vodka.
And a quesadilla.

It was a good night.


Accidentally Me said...

First, I am sort of torn on work events that are family oriented. I happen to love everyone I work with and know their hsubands/wives and kids pretty well. But in general, I think it is a stupid idea...most people don't want to hang out with co-workers kids that much.

Now that we have that out of the way, we need to focus on this Darren character much more... how closely do you work with him? Cuz if its not that close, and he is pretty cute...well, I am just saying...

A said...

Not that closely at all, actually. Different building. Different boss. Different job function.

I don't think anything will happen.

Stace said...

I'm with accidentally me, you could totally go for it, b/c really when is Colleen going to see him again, but I understand the issue. Good luck. . .although I do hope to hear more of this Darren character. :)

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