Friday, June 06, 2008

Sister/Navigation System

My sister and a few of her teammates are going downtown for the Red Wings championship parade today. She asked me to go but, obviously, I could not because I am an old working lady and am not permitted to have fun.

Meg and I were on the phone, discussing parade logistics.

“You could just park at our regular garage,” I tell her. We always park in the same place when we go to Wings games. “You’ll know right where to go. And you can walk to the parade route from there.”

We discuss the logistics.

“You could try to see if you can get parking at the Compuware building,” I tell her. “That will be right in the middle of the action.”

We discuss the logistics.

Meg is interrupted by an incoming call. “Just park at our garage,” I tell her quickly. “Park there and take Cass to Jefferson and take Jefferson down to the parade route. It will be easy and…”

“I’ll call you later to talk about this more,” Meg tells me. “You’re way better at this than me.”

Read that sentence again, kids.

I am better at something than Meg.

And she even knows it.


Stace said...

YOU my dear friend are TOOOOOOO CUTE! :)

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