Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The progress? It is progressing.

I had a dream last night about a boy. A boy who isn’t Colin.

I had a dream about Jason – my high school not quite boyfriend. We were on campus at UM. He had just moved back from Portland and was working for a gynecologist. And we immediately fell into a relationship. Nothing dirty. But I woke up so darn happy.

I need to find that boy on Facebook. It has been eight years since we were inseparably close and I still miss him and his inability to be anything but a mad flirt.

Lucy and I drank before the DMB concert last night. We’ve never really done that before. But my former work buddy Kevin and his darling wife were at the concert, too, and before I knew it I was standing outside of their car ingesting far too much vodka.

Just a little drunk, we missed the first two minutes of the show. We have NEVER not been in our seats when the band has walked onto stage. It was not the end of the world. It is amazing what a little bit of maturity, some alcohol and some perspective can bring you.

We had an awesome time. Those concerts? Those concerts are why I am friends with her. When we can dance like fools and squeal like a child and sing at the top of our lungs. She is so fun and so genuine. I am lucky.

Meg got me when I was at the concert. She knew I was weak and she honed in on my weaknesses.

I have been talking about getting a block M tattoo forever. Teeny tiny. The size of a dime. Maybe a nickel. Not bigger than a quarter. A few weeks ago, I told Meg that we should go and get our M tattoos, now that she is also an alumna.

Last week, she said that we should go and get my tattoo. (Curiously, no mention of hers.)

Yesterday, she was offering to make my appointment.

Today, she did.

Am I going to go through with it? Should I go through with it? I am on that damn preverbal fence.

I just keep thinking that I’m not the type of girl who gets a tattoo.

But I am so sick of typecasting myself.


Stace said...

DUDE YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DO IT! But where are you going to but it? Why M's? But they are addictive! 3 and one removed. addictive. :D You'll have to tell the story b/c you'll be great at it. GOOD LUCK!

Susan said...

You should totally do it! It'll be great fun.

Accidentally Me said...

Wait...there is a "type of girl"? I have five...lol, so I am like five times the type:-)

Where are you gonna get it? There are plenty of places to get it where you can only show it if you want to. And some that make it kind of a treasure hunt;-)

If it is small, you won't ever regret getting it.

Anonymous said...

I would only get it where YOU can see it. I really, really regret mine and it's very sentimental to me so even saying that makes me feel bad because admitting that makes it sound like I wish it never happened and that's not the case, I just wish I didn't get the tattoo. I'm just saying...

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