Monday, June 09, 2008

It’s hard being the mommy

I don’t know if I have mentioned it or not, but a teammate and I took over running our soccer team this season. She – a saint – is taking care of all of the money and the league paperwork. I am on the roster as the coach; I make the lineup, email in our scores and do a bit of damage control and public relations. We’re two games into the season, but so far it is going okay.

Well, there are a few small problems.

Yesterday, we had a clusterfuck of a substitution and ended up with too many players on the field. It was completely my fault. As a result, the referee gave a yellow card to one of our girls. (Which, I should add, it completely harsh. It was a mistake, dude. Warn us after our first infraction. Hand out cards after.) I told the referee that the card should go to me – I was the one who had made the mistake. And, easy as that, I had my second ever yellow card. The first time, you longtime readers might recall, was much more entertaining.

Our second problem is that nobody knows how to properly substitute. They stay in the game far too long. The people who are on the bench get frustrated. And everyone is grumbling about one thing or another.

So, there I am on the field, worrying more about who is sitting on the bench and how long they have been there than I am about the game. Not the best plan of action if you want to play well.

I had a good second half of the game. There’s hope that I will get over this and back into the game.

And then maybe I can tackle that same problem is every. other. aspect. of my life.


k said...

I used to play a lot of soccer and I hated the whole subbing issue. No one wants to sub out because #1 you want to play, and #2 you feel like you are never going to get back in once you volunteer to go out. I, of course, always felt guilty and would be the one always subbing out.

Plantation said...

Enjoying Euro 2008?

I want to add labels to my sidebar. Care to share the html lingo with your fellow blog-mate?

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a long time now and never comment, but thought I'd add my .02 cents today! I've played soccer for years (love it) and I'm not sure of the make up of your team (coed? how many subs?) but at times we've sorted out our issues with subbing by having one person be the "defense" sub, the other is the "front line" sub, and midfield, etc. Then that person keeps time on a watch, every however many mins later, they call out the next person in their "line", and everyone in that line follows suit. Hopefully that makes sense!! You may have too many subs, or whatever for that too work, but I thought I'd toss it out there anyway!

It is a pain to keep everyone happy, isn't it!! But sooo much fun to play.

Stace said...

OMG how in the world did i miss the action in 06? That's hilarious! As for your 2nd yellow card not so entertaining. I'm sorry. But I guess it's cool you know how many yellow cards you've gotten. :) As for being the group mommy, to much responsibility for me so GOOD LUCK. :D

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