Monday, June 30, 2008

It isn't genetic

I can't interview and land a job to save my soul. (Although I have two job descriptions sitting in my inbox that I need to apply for.)

Apparently, this is not the case for my sister.

Meg has landed one interview. And, subsequently, one job. The perfect job to have in the interim between graduating from school and starting her graduate program.

I'm really excited for her.

Would have like to have an eighth of her luck, yes, but I am still excited for her.


my life is brilliant said...

It'll come! You're smart, talented, motivated and awesome. It'll come!

Good luck on your search!

Accidentally Me said...

I was reading this and realized that I have NEVER had a real job interview. I got this by interning with my friend's father's company, and then they hired me after that summer. But I never actually interviewed. All my other jobs were waitressing and such, and never really involved interviewing...

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