Monday, June 16, 2008

I am feeling a bit guilty

Colleen and I took Lucy out to dinner on Saturday night. Her 26th birthday was on Wednesday. We wanted to celebrate.

We took her out to dinner in A2. We met my sister at the tattoo parlor and had me inked. We went back to Meg's apartment, where we did shots of tequila and ate the chocolate cheesecake that I baked that afternoon. We went to Meg's favorite bar which - surprising for a college bar, but perhaps not surprising because it is the middle of the summer - was not filled entirely with young college students.

Meg likes it because she knows the bartender and gets free drinks.

I had four people on my tab. We drank for approximately 2 hours. My bill was $6.

But it was strangely loud. And Lucy never really got into it. I don't know if she didn't like where we were, was annoyed that I made her sit through my tattoo (this is merely speculation), was upset that Chet couldn't come out with us or was just having an off night.

We left at midnight. She just wasn't feeling it.

We always have fun on birthdays. Even when we just eat Mexican food and have a dance party in someone's living room.

I'm feeling kind of bad.

Like maybe I let Lucy down.

But what do you do? Send a "I'm sorry your birthday wasn't up to par" card?


Susan said...

If she wasn't happy with the evening, then it's up to her to say something about it. But I bet you anyway it had something to do with other things going on in her head. However, some e-cards has entertaining cards for every occasion: Maybe you can find something funny there to draw her out.

Oh, and congrats on the tatoo! Can't wait to see pics.

Stace said...

Maybe she's sad she's 26. Maybe like you said it was Chet. . . but I highly doubt it was you, b/c you are all close enough she would have said something. . . .right? I think you are over analyzing.

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