Friday, June 13, 2008

Gift to myself

The early part of this week did its best to kill me.

Seeing Dave Matthews Band on Monday night assured me exhaustion, but also a fairly positive outlook. The feeling of dancing next to your best friend and singing "dark clouds my hang on me sometimes, but I'll work it out" stays with you for a while.

I had a group project to finish/present by 5:30 on Tuesday night. I had a short paper and another group project due on Wednesday. There was a job I wanted to apply for that I never got around to (bummer) and sleep that I desperately missed. But I put my head down and plugged away.

Thursday would eventually come.

I took yesterday off of work. My team and I organized a field trip to the Tiger's game. Our seats sucked (thanks group sales department!) and it was hot as hell. But we managed to have fun.

Extra tickets allowed me to bring Meg and Anna.

We watched the game. We went to the Hard Rock Cafe and shared nachos and an ice cream brownie sundae. We stopped at the Fisher Building for a quick shopping spree at Pure Detroit and City Knits.

Anna and I bummed around the house in the evening. Eventually, we mustered up the motivation to cook up some rice, green beans and frozen Chinese food from Trader Joe's.

Then we watched Semi Pro and got stupider just from watching that disaster.

It was a really good day off. The perfect combination of activity and calm.

Hopefully I can fit in a few more days like that this summer.


Stace said...

I can't figure out if you are really good with your money, in debt to your ears, or you make a crap load of money. Either way sounds like a good day. . which team are you talking about soccer or like a group project team? I'm a loser I guess. :)

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