Friday, June 27, 2008


I'm home tonight - at Mom and Dad's, I mean. When do you get to the point where home is where you actually live, not where you grew up?

Anyway. I'm at home. I met Lucy for coffee. And had dinner with the family.

Mom made brown rice.

I was babbling on about how I like rice. Sometimes, I told my family, I cook up...

"You eat rice and edamame for dinner," Meg interjected. "Anna told me."

I wanted to know - right at that very moment - why Anna was telling Meg about my eating habits. I didn't know Anna even paid attention to what I ate. It isn't like we sit down for dinner together, seeing as how it is usually midnight before she gets home from work.

It's just a little creepy, thinking that someone is paying attention to what you're ingesting.

Apparently, Meg and Anna were laying out on the deck. Anna was moaning about how bad her stomach looked and how much more offensive it must've been when she was 40 pounds fatter.

"Not everyone can have 0% body fat like Aly," my sister said.

(Which is so not true, I'll add.)

And then Anna goes into this diatribe about what I do (or don't) eat.

I don't know why it didn't occur to me before. Anna lost 40 pounds a few years ago. Ever since, you can't get her to talk about much more than how much she worked out and how much she ate on that particular day. Unless she's talking about her boyfriend.

Totally strange. Because, really, I think I eat plenty. A lot, even.

Watching what I eat at mealtime doesn't really count. Because you didn't see that I had lunch at 2:30. And an energy bar before I went to the gym at 5:30. And those almonds in the car on my way home.

So, while my rice and edamame may seem like the anorexic's splurge, it really isn't. And, if you fished around in the garbage, I bet you could find a candy wrapper or two.


Stace said...

metabolism works different for different ppl. everyone should know that DUH!

my life is brilliant said...

I was just talking about this with a friend a few days ago! Sometimes I think it's just easier for other girls to glaze over the fact that I spend a good couple hours working out at least 4 times a week. They'd rather just see my Lean Cuisine lunches and assume that's how I do it.

And like you, they don't see the snacks I have throughout the day -- the snacks I choose carefully so I don't have to feel bad about snacking so much. And they definitely don't see me sweating at the gym for just over an hour, only to head out on a minimum 3-mile run afterward.

It's just easier to believe people don't eat, I guess.

Accidentally Me said...

Sorry to be late commenting on this, but I could talk about this for hours, and it really irritates me.

I have had a weight problem my whole life, but it is the opposite problem that most people have...I can't keep weight ON. And I don't think people realize how snarky their comments can seem when they make what they think are innocent comments about what you eat or how you look. If I hear one more person say "Oh, I so wish I had that problem..." You know what? No you don't! It is no more fun than being overweight!!!

Anything involving food is almost always a sensitive issue with girls, because that is what we are always taught to think about it. Regardless of whether you are skinny, fat or just right...being criticized for what you eat can be really hard.

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