Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I just saw, sitting innocently on Anna's desk (maybe I shouldn't have been looking), my cousin/roommate's application to be licensed by the New York State Board of Health.

Translation: she is going to move to New York City, where her boyfriend and her best friend from college both live.

Not that I am surprised. She has been out of college and working for a year and has all but refused to make friends or a life here. She sleeps until 11 or noon, works out, works the 2-11:30 pm afternoon shift and comes home to watch Sex and the City on TBS and talk to her boyfriend via webcam.

Her boyfriend - eh, he's okay. And all he seems to do is piss her off with his immaturities and idiosyncrasies.

But they've been together for a year now - and she's always flying to New York - so it isn't like I am shocked.

Just bummed for myself.

Our lease runs through November. I can't imagine anything quite as torturous as moving again. In the winter.

And I pretty much have nowhere to go. No friends who need roommates. And, with the price of gas and school and the fact that I also would like to be able to afford to eat, I really shouldn't lease an apartment on my own.

And I also shouldn't be leasing an apartment in December if I am graduating in May. The last thing I need, when I am going on The Great Job Hunt of 2009, is to be tied down to a lease.

So I guess I'll be moving home.

What a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Where else, at 26 years old, could I possibly want to be?


Accidentally Me said...

Hmm...that is a tough one...

Maybe you could try and extend the lease through May or June, and look for a short term roomate? If you ask around, you never know who may need a place for just a couple of months. Or try Craig's list and see if you can find someone you like.

Although, to be honest, there are worse things than moving home. You will have more room and a nicer place than you probably would on your own, plus it will be cheaper and you will be in a more flexible position to move or take a job that you want.

Plantation said...

Don't feel so bad. It's a means to an end. Believe me, I know. I've suffered a similar if not worse fate at age 37 and I had a wife and kid.

Stace said...

Hey dude at least you are going to finish college and such, you'll be on your own before you know it and between now and Nov you could find a short term person as they say. But WOW I'm surprised she hasn't told you YET. ya know give you a good heads up or something. good luck

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