Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thank God it was the last class

I fell in class today.

I went to get up, because we were on break, got my foot stuck in the handle of my totebag and, like, tumbled to the floor.

I didn't flat out fall. Caught myself with my hands. Emily, this girl who I did a group project with, sees me and makes a crazy-loud gasp. And then another guy who was in our group rushes to pick me off of the floor. And I'm all "oh, it's okay. I'm fine, I just got my foot caught."

I just got my foot caught AND WANTED TO DIE.

So embarassing. I am telling nobody outside of the blogosphere.


Stace said...

Didn't you fall somewhere else within the past couple of. . .YEARS? I swear I thought you had a similiar story? Either way was the guy hot? Hello, he was your knight in shining armour. . he did have armour on right?

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