Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Open your eyes

Dear Girl in Class,

I have been sitting in the same seat all semester. This shouldn't come as a surprise. You have, too.

We've been sitting next to each other since January, but I am still unsure as to why you regularly hog 3/4 of the table. And I cannot figure out how you're so unaware as to not realize - even once - that when you don't push in your chair when you leave that I cannot get out of our row without pushing it in for you.

I was a little surprised when, as I attempted to get to my seat this afternoon, you moved the bags that you had left strewn about behind my chair. You moved your bags when you saw me. And then you didn't scoot in your chair. Which I found to be very curious, since there was 1" between your chair and the desk behind you.

Maybe you weren't paying attention.

But you had ample opportunity to get the hint while I stood there for an awkward few seconds - wearing "What the Flying Fuck" across my face. You didn't get it. I took a seat in the row in front of you.

I must admit, I loved today's in-class exercise. Our professor passed out different volumes of a book - we used the books to answer the questions. Whoever had the appropriate volume answered the question. I answered one question. And answered it well. And you? Your volume held the answers to three questions - more than anyone else in the class. Unlike most of our classmates, you didn't even have a partner.

Just for the record, you sounded like a complete jackass when you attempted to answer that second question.



Stace said...

Awe the luxury of being able to write so well. Always cracks me up! :)

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