Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My sister is a dickhead

After the fourth or fifth time, I knew Meg was up to something.

"I don't want you to have to watch Blue all weekend, so I will stay with her on Thursday night."

"I'm coming home on Thursday night, so you can sleep at your house."

"I'm going to be home all day on Thursday and I think I will spend the night. I'll watch Blue so you don't have to."

The feigned selflessness was just oozing out of her. It was so damn obvious.

If you're going to do me a favor, make it an actual favor. Don't let me pack up all of my shit, spend a night at Mom and Dad's, pack up all of my shit again, spend the night at my house and repack a third time, so I can resume watching Blue.

It isn't like keeping an eye on Blue is particularly taxing.

Just be honest. Tell me that your bringing friends over. I can certainly figure out the rest.

Pretending that you're doing a very selfish thing because it is in my best intrest? It's bullshit.

Don't waste my time.


my life is brilliant said...

Oh, siblings ... sometimes you really do just HAVE to love them. :)

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