Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My life is boring, ya'll

I consider myself to be a pretty consistent blogger. I can normally crank out something every weekday and maybe one little something over the weekend. I try to keep a routine. If I don't, I am absolutely sure that I would go to blog one afternoon and realize that I hadn't for a month.

This life that I'm living now? Not so good for keeping up the routine. As much as I would like to blog "I went to work. I went to bed. I watched Dancing with the Stars - Go Kristi!", I can't bring myself to do it. The English major in me has standards.

But not today! No low standards, today! Here is what I have been doing, in all of its monotonous glory:

1. Pushing my ankle to its limits.
It has been quite swollen the last two days. I'm sure it has nothing to do with soccer on Friday night, running 3.5 miles Saturday afternoon or skating on Sunday morning.

2. Working like a busy little bee.
Work has been kicking my ass lately. No time to blog. No time to read blogs. No time for lunch. No time to breathe. It makes the days go by quickly, I guess, but it is hard to sustain this level of enthusiasm when I take into consideration what I'm (not) paid.

3. Planning for my outdoor soccer season. I'm helping run the team this year. The league requires one silly administrative task after the next and we're busy jumping through the hoops. I'm in charge of ordering the jerseys, though. We'll be styling.

4. Finishing up the semester. My Saturday class is all but finished. I turned in my final exam and gave a big presentation last week. I'll have one tiny thing to do in class on the last day, but I am through with anything that counts substantially towards my grade and anything that requires any effort. In my other class, I have a short (3 page) paper and a final exam to take. It will be so nice to be done.

5. Not checking Colin's MySpace page. Yes, that's right. I have self control.

6. Shopping for Vera Bradley bags. I have a $75 off $200 purchase coupon for eBags.com. Meg is making a dent in the $200 I need to spend by buying a birthday present for her roommate ($38) and a wallet for herself ($19) and I've picked out a tote ($54) and a wallet ($19) as Mother's Day presents for Mom. And now I need to decide what I want. It is an impossibility, shopping online, not being able to touch them, and trying to get different prints from what I already own (Java Blue) what Meg has (Peacock) what Meg ordered for herself (Capri Blue) and what we ordered for Mom (Medallion and Capri Melon). I'm thinking something in Citrus and something in Petal Pink. I just can't decide on styles. Oh, the stress of it all. I am so tortured. Oh, woe is me.

7. Watching Dancing with the Stars. Which I need to get to. Please excuse me, friends, I need to fry my brain.


my life is brilliant said...

Oh my gosh, how funny to see this post! I've SO been planning on writing a post about why I haven't been blogging as much lately. I was going to call it "my life is boring" as a play on my blogger name.

I guess great minds think alike!

my life is brilliant said...

Oh, and I'm still totally writing that post someday ... and I'll probably still use that title. It's just a good thing you added the "ya'll"! lol

Stace said...

Running on your bad ankle! Shame on you! I think you and I had the same epiphany the same night b/c I'm not checking myspace anymore either. Well his, mine I still will though. Dancing with the stars. . . .I've got nothing. Good luck on your finals and what not.

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